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Dance Technique for Musical Theatre

Calling All Singers, Actors and Dancers Ages 7-9 & 10-12

who are interested in learning Musical Theatre Dance Technique!

Musical theatre dance is the study of Broadway dance, incorporating song and choreography into dance technique and style…storytelling through dance!

Classes are designed for all levels!

Learn new skills, improve your current skills and learn to present your BEST self!
Musical Theatre Dance Classes will be taught by Danielle Pender and will include:

*A warm up to increase flexibility*

*Across the floor and center exercises, working on basic technique*
*A short dance--the length of one at an audition*

(focusing on not just mastering the skill, but being able to pick up the skill and perform it)
*Learning about acting beats and character development within dance*
Classes will meet at Music Makers of Western Springs.