New Beginners 'Harp Vibes' Class Starting Soon!

  Paul Carey

Paul Carey

Explore the unique, exotic world of Harp Vibes as instructor Paul Carey teaches an introductory six-week group classical/folk harp class at
Music Makers! This affordable group class for beginners will begin on April 21st.

Private lessons are available for all ages (children and adults) on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays (beginner, immediate, and advanced).

The emphasis will be on having fun, musical exploration/foundations, and establishing proper finger technique. Young beginners will play on the delightful “Harpsicle” instruments, which will be available for rental through Music Makers. These high quality, yet affordable small harps built in the USA are perfect for young players and come in a variety of awesome colors.

Beginner classes will gradually roll over into intermediate classes as students achieve success.
Give the harp a try— you’ll be hooked on the sweet vibrations!

Teacher’s quick tip: keep fingernails short!

Harp Vibes Introductory Class
Saturdays | 4/21 - 6/2**
(no class 5/19)
11:30 am - 12:15 am

This class is offered to students age 8-18 with no harp experience. A piano or guitar background is helpful, but not required. Parents are encouraged to quietly attend.

Tuition: $210.00 includes cost of rental and materials
Min 3/Max 5

**Memorial Day weekend class is optional. If a student cannot attend on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, a private make-up lesson will be offered.

Check out these awesome harp renditions of popular songs!

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