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January - March

January: Tuesday, January 1st

February: No closings

March: No closings


April - June

April: Sunday, April 21st

May: Monday, May 27th

June: No closings

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July - September

July: Thursday, July 4th

August: No closings

September: Monday, September 2nd

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October - December

October: No closings

November: Thursday, November 28th - Sunday, December 1st

December: December 24th - 26th and 31st


Please remember to call the office if you will need to miss lesson(s) for any reason. Also, please take advantage of trying to get a make up if you should need to miss. If you need to withdraw from lessons due to an extended absence, our policy is to notify us IN WRITING no later than the 15th of the month to finish out that same month.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!