Preparing for Recitals

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It’s that time of year again, when students nervously prepare for their recitals. Performing at home is certainly much easier than performing in a recital setting. Many children have anxiety about performing in front of an audience, especially one comprised of people they may not know.

At Music Makers of Western Springs, while not mandatory, we do strongly encourage all students, regardless of level, to participate in recitals. In preparing for a recital performance, students are learning how to prepare to meet a deadline and a goal, two things that will benefit them in other areas of their lives. 

Here are some other bits of information you may find helpful:
1) Students should try to memorize their recital piece(s). It is sooooo much easier to get lost in your music when you are nervous; however, students are allowed to have their music with them for the recital if they think they really need it.

2) Try to arrive at your recital time at least 15 minutes early, unless your teacher gives you a different time. Students should feel free to try out the piano/drum set, etc. before their recital. Using the piano as an example, the feel and touch-response may be different from your piano you practice on at home, or take lessons on each week. Even playing a quick scale will give you an idea of any small differences on the instrument. Arriving early also gives you a chance to catch your breath, get last minute instructions from your teacher, pick a great seat, and relax before the recital begins. 

3) Dress as you would for school photos! Parents should feel free to take photos and/or video footage. Check with your teacher to see if there is anything else they should be doing to prepare.

4) RELAX! If you make a mistake-- it is OKAY. Remember, your teacher and your family want you to SUCCEED. 

--Ysraelia G. Sullivan, Client & Faculty Services Director

originally written 5/10/16